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6 Weeks of Pain and Dear Sir was Born

For anyone that hasn't heard the news, I will be showcasing our latest performance, 'Dear Sir' on Friday 21st June at Upstairs at the Western. Dear Sir is a solo performance that looks at what masculinity means today. What does it mean to be a "real man" in this day and age?

It is a project that I started in 2015, whilst studying. It came at a time after I was due to go in for surgery (nothing major) and I was told that it would take 6 weeks to recover. Now naively, I didn't take much consideration of what the doctor said and I thought I knew better. I thought that because it wasn't anything major that I would still be able to do everything in exactly the same way immediately after the operation. It's safe to say I was wrong, for 6 weeks I was in a considerable amount of pain, and I found myself pretty much housebound, unable to see anyone or do anything unless they came to me.

In that time though, I was able to consider what it was that made me believe that I knew better than the doctor, that if I put on a stiff upper lip then that would be enough. I am definitely not someone who would describe themselves as tough, in any way shape or form, so what was it that had placed this notion that a stiff upper lip was all that I needed into my head. That thought was terrifying, I had a thought in my head that I don't remember being put there, that goes against everything I would describe myself as. Naturally, I started to wonder what other moments or thoughts I experienced, that went against my understanding of myself.

I spent those 6 weeks thinking and noting down all of these thoughts, contemplating what would happen if I lived my life by these, would I be at the same point or would I be a completely different person. This was the start of 'Dear Sir'.

Dear Sir will be performed at Upstairs at the Western on Friday 21st June at 7:30pm. For more information and to get your tickets visit: http://www.upstairsatthewestern.com/shows/dear-sir/