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How to spark up the fire without burning out

So first things first, in the previous blog post 'Welcome to 2019' I mentioned that this was the year we were going to write more blog posts. This is the second one this year, so we are already improving.

Now that I have taken a bit of a moment for some self praise, I will actually get on with the point of this post. I've mentioned previously, that whilst 2018 was a year of great success, it was also a year that left us burnt out. Thankfully we noticed it and realised we needed to take a step back to help us find the forest through the trees. During this ongoing period I stumbled across this article that discussed millennial burnout.

It discussed various reasons why the millennial generation (that both myself and Kirstie are a part of) could also be seen as the burnout generation. It highlighted how in this hyperconnected society, where jobs are extremely competitive, that millennials are feeling this constant pressure to do more. That work/ life balance that people mention, no longer exists. It has now turned into a never ending to-do list. It was a very eye opening and I would recommend giving it at least a quick skim.

With all of this new thinking about burnout and it's causes and affects, I find myself in a bit of a predicament. Going into, 'Dear Sir' one of the top aims for the project, is to re-discover why I love being an artist. It is a completely personal goal, that doesn't have much to do with the performance itself. For me though this is the time for me to re-discover that exhilarating and liberating feeling of being artistic. That feeling of going from having a simple idea, to watching it come to life around you. This project is my chance to discover how to reconnect with that creative spark within me.

However, there are still elements of getting a performance on it's feet that are simply not creative. I still need to draft budgets, I still need to email over marketing copy to the venue, I still need to call producers to see what's next, I still need to plan out rehearsal schedules, and work out when I'm going to fit in research. Looking back on, A Place by the Sea, it's easy to see that we got so wrapped up in all the admin that was required, that the creativity fell away sometimes. Even worse, sometimes we'd spent so much time doing the 'other stuff' that when we did rehearse we completely forgot how to be creative.

With this years goals firmly in the forefront of my mind, allowing all of that 'other stuff' to absorb all of my time is not an option, however it still needs to be done. So this is where I throw it to you dear reader. How do you balance the, 'not so fun but still vital to get a project off the ground stuff' and the 'make the show and be creative and play stuff'? What pit falls have you fallen victim to? and more importantly how have you recovered from them? Is it possible to spark a fire of creative without burning it out with everything else?