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Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019. The year where we write more blogposts... or at least try to. Welcome to 2019. The year where we have new shows to make, new venues to visit and new goals to achieve. Welcome to 2019. The year where we take things in a slightly different direction.

For anyone that did not know, 2018 was an extremely busy year for us. We started the year by completing rehearsals for, 'Yes/No/Maybe'. This was immediately followed by a UK tour of the show, that required us to work a lot of long, hectic and tiring days (but we would never change that for the world). Thanks to this show, we were able to meet with 100's of students, artists and academics to discuss how to world of art and how the world of science and mathematics overlap. We were able to see some incredibly beautiful cities (with some equally gorgeous accommodation) and we were able to squeeze in a lot of great nights out as well.

In the midst of spending weekends away touring one show, we were also spending our week days focused on, A Place by the Sea and tackling the beast that was an Arts Council England Bid. We wrote spreadsheet after spreadsheet, had meeting after meeting, had so many different opinions thrown our way that we had no idea what to do with them. Writing our bid was a massive learning curve for us. Sadly though, after months and months of hard work our bid was unsuccessful. Twice.

As you can imagine, we were crushed when we discovered the outcome. None the less though, we still had a show to make, and even with next to no money or resources it was a story we knew had to be shared with people, and a conversation that needed to be had.

2018 overall was a huge learning curve. We are extremely privileged to have had the experiences we did, work with the people that we did and take on the projects that we did. We are extremely grateful for all of this and from the bottom of our hearts we would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone that helped make 2018 a year of huge success. However, with all of these highs, we've come to realise that we did not take enough time to step away from things and look at the wider picture. To put it bluntly, we burnt ourselves out.

The pressure that we faced trying to balance making this performance and doing this story justice with working jobs to help keep a roof over our head, and maintaining our friendship nearly broke us completely. So we had a lot of tough conversations, with a lot of people and came up with a plan, that we have been slowly putting into place since our performance of A Place by the Sea in October.

So, welcome to 2019. The year we recover from burn out, and work to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again.

At the point of writing this, Kirstie is currently taking some time to travel through Asia. The pictures are gorgeous, the stories she has told me are enviable, and yes it is definitely a well deserved trip of a lifetime.

I am currently, taking a bit of time to look at life beyond Ten 29 Theatre. I'm looking at taking some more time to visit family and friends, go on holiday and see what the world has to offer.

In terms of Ten 29 Theatre, we're looking at things in a different way. Currently, I am in the process of working on, Dear Sir, a performance that looks at what it means to be a real man today. This is a development from the original version, and the new version will be performed at Upstairs at the Western, in Leicester on June 21st. Making this performance, is going to go at a much more relaxed pace to A Place by the Sea but I promise will be at the same high quality as the rest of our work.

Beyond that Ten 29 has been placed on the metaphorical shelf. Our goal for 2019 is to really take some time to discover what we really want to do, be that as Ten 29 Theatre or not. This company was started by two friends and that will always be the most important thing. Our goal is to ensure that we preserve that friendship.

So stay tuned. Keep an eye out on this blog and on the Ten 29 Theatre social media, to discover everything along with us. We've always aimed to be as transparent as possible, and we have no plans of changing that. If we go through stages of being pretty quiet, don't worry, we are simply taking some time to look at everything, and making sure we don't burn ourselves out.

Welcome to 2019, the year of new opportunities. The year of working on that balance of work and play. The year where we are taking our time to not just look at what is in the future but to enjoy what is happening in the present.

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