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Some things don't change.

This is a completely unplanned blog post. At this present moment we are currently in the process of working on some digital materials for, A Place by the Sea. As part of this (and as part of various points of this rehearsal period) we are watching videos of refugees and asylum seekers arriving in various countries across the world. We are watching as people of all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds are arriving by boat, train and plane in the hopes of a safer life. We are watching truly traumatic scenes as people are receiving urgent medical care and volunteers are doing everything possible to help people in immediate danger.

Over the past two years, we have seen scenes like these a number of times, and after a point people have asked if our reactions to theses images change. They do not. It is as simple as that. When you are seeing children standing on beaches suffering from hypothermia and adults collapsing in the arms of volunteers as a result of shock, grief and relief, the reaction will never change. As we watch these scenes unfold, we always feel the same lump form in our throats. We will always cover our mouths in shock and disbelief.

These scenes repeat time and time again. Whilst the individuals involved all face completely unique journeys, with completely unique challenges and outcomes we are still seeing these scenes repeat.

Whilst the news articles that cover these events are very hard and almost impossible to watch at times, we encourage you to watch them if you can. Even if it's just one. Take a few minutes of your day to learn about some of these journeys. Once you've done that, take that knowledge and turn it into action. Be it something as simple as telling a friend or a coworker about the video, looking up charities that are doing incredibly important work and supporting them in whatever way you can, or even just using the opportunity as a catalyst to learn more.

As we said, these images can be extremely difficult to watch, so if you think that you will find these videos too distressing then please do not watch them.

As mentioned at the start, this is a completely unplanned blog post, so we don't have a very concrete end but we hope that this will encourage even one person to help in whatever way they can to solve this truly global issue.