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What's in a name?

It's National Share a Story Month, and to kick it all off we are sharing the story that people ask us about the most, where did our name come from?

Many moons ago when Ten 29 was nothing more than an idea we would have brainstorming sessions sat in a tiny university halls of residence kitchen about what shows we could make and who we could talk to and what we needed to do to make these ideas into reality. All of these documents got saved into a folder simply titled '[Insert Name Here]'. After months of this folder steadily filling up, we eventually decided that we needed to spend time figuring out a name..

So one Sunday morning at 8:29am we once again sat in a tiny university kitchen and tried to think of names. We went through business naming websites, blogs and we asked housemates that came to make a cup of tea and nothing of brilliance struck. Eventually, we found ourselves a bit deflated and frustrated looking around the room desperately trying to think of a name. Refrigerator Theatre Company? No. Kettle Theatre Group? No. George Foreman Grill Theatre? Nope. Eventually Kirstie turned around and asked, 'what time is it?' to which the answer was 'It's 10:29' and just like that it clicked, Ten 29. The exact moment of inception became our name, it spurred off ideas of what we could do and performances we could make and all of that made it a definite. Ten 29 was born.

If you want to join in on National Share a Story Month you can share your stories using #Ten29StoryTime