Live from Strathclyde. It's Yes/No/Maybe.

May 4, 2018

We are currently sat around the breakfast table of our accommodation in Glasgow preparing ourselves for the day ahead. In just a matter of hours we will be heading into the venue to get set up for our only Scottish date for Yes/No/Maybe. This moment can safely be described as the calm before the storm.


Very rarely do we find ourselves having


the time to write a blog post on the day of a performance, mainly because show days are filled with frantic get ins, intense technical set up and just a little bit of nervousness. With a show as digitally and physically demanding as this one, it takes a lot of work in a short space of time to get the show into the venue and ready to go. We've got projections to plot, lighting to set and performers to stretch and warm up.


However we are quite lucky to have the privilege of time this morning. We are able to sit in our (rather swanky) accommodation and enjoy toast and coffee very kindly prepared by Ady (thanks Ady). We've had time to run through our lines and guess what we all remember them!

Whilst we enjoy the luxuries of time, there are a series of workshops being delivered around the language of binary at Strathclyde University.


Right now, a group of students are learning about how computers are able to contain every element of human life. In our performance they will see where the lines between art, science and mathematics exist and how in the seemingly black and white world of binary, there are grey areas in between.


If you still haven't had the time to grab your tickets for this show, or any that we still have coming up on tour, then head to for full ticket info and how to purchase them.


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