This programme puts the students at the forefront. They are in control of generating ideas and allows students to work on a project that truly reflects their ideas, thoughts and creativity.

Students will be involved in a range of performance generating exercises to help foster their development not only in performance but through these workshops students may develop their individual skills such as self-esteem and confidence. They will be encouraged to not only work as a solo (which for some may seem daunting at the start of the workshops) and find a way to not only feel comfortable in this as they are supported by the workshop leaders and their peers.

These workshops not only push students to work on their own but also in a collaborative manner. This focus on collaboration allows students to explore and develop with one another. This helps provide tangible skills that students can utilize for personal development and throughout academia and the working world.

At the end of the workshop programme students are equipped to be able to look at some processes that can be used to create performance as well as perform a short work in progress for family members and peers.

Through this workshop programme students will be able to develop a metaphorical ‘tool kit’ of skills which they can take forward to use in their modules and in later life.