A Place By The Sea (2017)

A Place By The Sea is a heartwarming tale of survival, travel and the displacement of families in the face of war. 

In an engaging combination of visual and physical imagery, spoken word, collected interviews and sounds, A Place by the Sea, reminds its audience of all the elements at play in these stories, as the performers step between being endangered travellers and foreboding travel agents with reassuring tones. Tables are turned, tales are told, games are played and families are torn apart. This vivid story reveals the pain and determination bred in the destruction of war and the struggles for compassion left in its messy wake.


“A really enjoyable and moving performance”

“A Beautiful blend of sound, shadows, storytelling and movement”

“Simply outstanding”

After premiering in Leicester this performance has since gone on to be performed at St James Cavalier Centre in Valletta, thanks to the support of DMU Local.